Everything You Need To Know About Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix

The Great Pyrenees beagle mix is a hybrid dog that was created by breeding two different pure dog breeds, the Great Pyrenees and the Beagle. The Great Pyrenees beagle hybrid is also known as a beaglerenees, which is another term for the breed. 

Everything You Need To Know About Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix

This particular breed is rather rare. The general public does not have a lot of knowledge about this hybrid breed. After doing a great deal of investigation, you should be able to find them. The Great Pyrenees and the Beagle are often responsible for their appearance and temperament. 

However, as time goes on, the great Pyrenees beagle mix begins to develop a personality that is rather distinct. One of its parent breeds, the Great Pyrenees, is also a large-sized dog breed; thus it makes sense that these dogs will be of a similar size. They have a few distinct hues on their coat, including black, brown patches, white, and tan, among other colors.

Adoption of Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix

They are extremely rare dogs that are not widely obtainable in any location. There are organizations that help rescue animals and stores that sell pets that keep dogs. However, it is quite difficult to locate them at these particular sites. 

Adoption of Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix

Those who are looking for a wonderful Pyrenees beagle mix should get in touch with a breeder that has a solid reputation in the community. Breeders are able to produce a variety of dog breeds on demand, and fresh puppies are available for adoption. However, pups require sufficient time and instruction. 

Training a puppy in fundamental social skills may be quite a challenge. Dog breeders are the only persons who are aware of the history of the breed and may provide information to interested parties.

The Appearance of Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix

The look of the Great Pyrenees Beagle mix is heavily influenced by the dominating characteristics of either parent. This implies that the size, including weight and height, of Great Pyrenee’s siblings, might differ.


The Strong Pyrenees is a dog that is noted for his great loyalty to his family, which includes well-behaved youngsters. This dog is considered to be quiet, well-mannered, and serious. In general, these dogs are reliable, friendly, and mild; nevertheless, if the situation calls for it, they will not hesitate to attempt to protect their family and their territory from potential threats. 

They were raised to be left alone and protect sheep in mountain valleys, thus they are somewhat independent by nature. The Great Pyrenees was bred to be left alone and guard sheep in mountain valleys. 

Due to this breed’s tendency toward independence, obedience training might be more difficult than with other types of dogs. The Pyr was also left with a strong tendency to bark, perhaps due to the same defending origins. Although the Great Pyrenees are considered adults at the age of one year, some of them may take up to two years to fully grow.


The Beagle is small to a medium-sized canine that measures around 15 inches tall at the withers. The Great Pyrenees, on the other hand, is considered a huge breed, standing 30 inches.

You can tell by the sizes of the parents that a Great Pyrenees Beagle mix might be a medium or giant dog. There hasn’t been much study done on this rare crossbreed, but based on the results of other similar breeds, the combination can range from 25 to 30 inches at the withers.

However, depending on the dominant gene present in the mix, the size might be somewhat smaller or larger. A Great Pyrenees that inherits the height gene from the Beagle, for example, will be smaller than one that inherits the height gene from the Great Pyrenees.

When it comes to weight, there is a significant difference between the smallest and largest Great Pyrenees. This is due to the different sizes of both parents, the Beagle and the Great Pyrenees. In this regard, the mixture might weigh anything from 20 to 90 pounds.

Furthermore, there might be a little variation between male and female Great Pyrenees Beagle mixes. Male mixtures, like sibling sizes, may be somewhat larger than their female counterparts.

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Color and Kind of Coat

The Great Pyrenees Beagle mix, like most other crossbred dogs, has a coat that cuts across both parents’ coats. The Great Pyrenees has a medium-sized double coat that is quite easy to maintain.

The Beagle, on the other hand, has a rain-resistant smooth, dense double coat. As lovely as this coat is, it requires frequent brushing to loosen and eliminate dead hair.

The coat of the Great Pyrenees Beagle mix is comparable to that of the Great Pyrenees parent, which is normally a medium-sized double coat. The Beagle coat is not very noticeable in the mix; yet, tri-color Beagles are prevalent.

The Temperament of Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix

The personalities of the parents are quite comparable to one another to a quite high degree. Beagles were developed for hunting and tracking small animals, whereas Great Pyrenees were bred specifically to watch over flocks of sheep. This indicates that both of the dogs are self-sufficient and tenacious.

That, in turn, contributes a touch of obstinacy to the overall blend of characteristics. Due to the fact that both of the mix’s parents were working dogs, it displays an independent, headstrong disposition, which makes it fairly tough and adaptive.

The Temperament of Great Pyrenees Beagle Mix

But there is a disadvantage associated with that. The independent spirit of the Great Pyrenees Beagle mix makes it challenging to housebreak and train. They require additional time to comprehend orders and struggle to perform properly during intense training sessions.

The good news is that they come around and cooperate when they are provided with positive stimuli such as compliments and goodies. In addition to this, they are devoted to the people who possess them, which makes them somewhat simpler to control and instruct.

The mild-mannered aspect of the Pyrenees shines through clearly in the combination, resulting in a dog that possesses a disposition that is more subdued. In addition to the numerous other advantages, the Great Pyrenees Beagle mix is an excellent choice for a family pet.

They are also quite good with youngsters and can easily adjust to the company of new people and new situations. They are naturally outgoing and loving, take pleasure in being around others, and are grateful for even a small amount of attention from their relatives.

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